Thursday, August 20, 2015

Verily with every difficulty, there is relief. [94:6]

A dunya. We're on the bottom. There is only up from here. This place is designed to break your heart. If you're looking to be happy in the dunya, you're in the wrong place. And that's why the sahaba in times of ease, they were more frightened than in times of hardship. Because they said; "Ease is only followed by hardship." When things are easy, there are always followed by hard times. Whereas when things are hard, they are always followed by easy times. So they preferred to be waiting for the ease, than to be waiting for the hardship. Because; "Waiting patiently for a happy outcome is the best act of worship." it's a hadith [Hassan-Tirmidhi]. The best worship is waiting for the ease from Allah to come when you're in hardship. As long as the calamity is in this world, it's a blessing. Because the real calamity is the calamity in the next world.  

So if you have Allah, you have everything you desire. If you don't have Allah, nothing you desire will make you happy. Nothing. It will all in the end bring you misery, and that's the truth. 

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