Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Compulsory Break For An Internet Girl

Dear self, 

Is it really necessary to check on your facebook every now and then, to the point of taking too much of your personal time doing other important things, like participating in LIFE?  

Is it really an obligatory act to tweet for every feeling you feel and reply to unimportant mentions when you are in the middle of completing something educational, like engaging in lectures or school works?  

Is it really compulsory to post a photo on instagram and go through every single photos of other instagrammers when you think you have nothing to do. 

What about flip through a book, your used to be favorite book(s) instead of browsing through some mindless newsfeed and timeline. 

You are better than this, better than you think you are. Life goes on and stops for no one. Stop feeling remorseful when you have lack of rest and didn't do well on a test cause you overly spent the time with internet. Participate in life and take in charge of this virtual world. Don't let it control you, control them instead. 

Life is better when you notice the small things you haven't feel and see when you are too busy online.

Okay. Tajuk dan teks di atas adalah di kopi pasta daripada belog KE. Ehe :P So, dengan poyonya saya ini, ingin men-declarekan bahawasanya saya akan berpuasa internet sepanjang cuti pertengahan semester ini. Dan saya akan cuba mensibukkan diri dengan aktiviti-aktiviti lain seperti STUDY EM,U.ENGLISH,T.SKILLS, dan aktiviti sampingan yang bermanfaat seperti membaca buku ilmiah, InsyaAllah. So, byebye Internet :O

Hai Teman Pengganti :D

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